The official website of creators Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle is now online at ThePretenderLives.com

The website was launched last Thursday, the 19th, and it has all kinds of Pretender stuff for your enjoyment. You can read the creators bios, find more about the novels and the graphic novels, buy official merchandise from The Pretender and read about funny aspects from the tv show.

This website is truly the beginning of the Centre Universe. Go check it out! Shh, there's a preview chapter of book one Rebirth in there.




by DePi @ 23 Oct 2015 05:06 pm
Exactly! Abe, have you seen the pedestrian perrofmers in Huancayo? I imagine that they're all over Peru. "The Sand Angels" were the lucky ones. Abe, thank you so much for relating to me. I've heard "How will you make money?" so many times. It's not what I live for and I feel that it's not your priority either. I think it's why our souls are so connected! Great advice to surround myself with people who support my dreams. You are my hero, Abe. You are the example that shines its light on my path, that gentle voice in the Hollywood background of my life whispering, "It's never too late." I'm imagining you living out that very dream here in Huancayo! Oops was that selfish of me? =P

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