Jamie Denton on "Threat Matrix" next fall

Jamie (now James) Denton's new series was picked up by ABC's next fall schedule. The show is called "Threat Matrix" and it deals with terrorism. "Threat Matrix" will premiere on September 18th at 8 PM and will air every Thursdays on ABC.




by Mhal @ 23 Oct 2015 05:20 pm
I thought you might esapcielly like this video, Rowena! =) I'm imagining you street dancing along side them. =) Did I mention that I might train for a dance competition? =P Can you believe it?! =) If it pans out, I'll be sure to send you the video! You know, I thought of you the entire time that I read your description of Vania. Following her heart and bravery. You also inspire me to keep chugging along after my dreams. Thanks for being a part of my life, Rowena! =)


by Myrna @ 24 Mar 2015 07:53 am
Being real is to be free from the social cuioolsmpns (borrowing Merton's terminology) to perform, achieve, accumulate, fit in, and impress in order to be liked or prove my importance or merit affirmation. To do otherwise is to live from the so-called false self . Needless to say, I often find it hard to be real!

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