Interview to Alex Wexo - Nov 3rd 2013

“I would be a part of "The Pretender" again. It was an extraordinary experience.”

We know him best as young Sydney, a role that he would be willing to reprise again, but he is a former US Marine and has been credited in “A Few Good Men”, “Lois and Clark”, “CSI”, “Dexter” and many others. We’ve asked him a few questions and Mr. Wexo was kind enough to talk to us and even told us a bit about his new project “Wexo Films”.
- by Vânia Araújo

Question “The Pretender Fans”: You have quite an interesting past. When you were in the Marines did you already had the acting ‘bug’ or it was something that came totally unexpected for you?
Alex Wexo: I started doing some acting in England where I went to school.

Q: Would you say that the hard training of the Marines helped you as an actor?
A: The Marines helped. I can 'roll' with a lot!

Q: How hard was it to get into the Hollywood business?
A: If you want to be a part of Hollywood. Work hard and be smart. I always wanted to conquer it.

Q: We loved you as ‘young Sydney’ in the Pretender. Was it weird seeing yourself on TV but not hearing your own voice?
A: Dubbing of my voice was always the deal upfront. I always 'did' Patrick's voice when I filmed. They didn’t think they could find an actor to match his voice. If you can get any of the original footage you will see that I always matched it.

Q: How was a regular shooting day for you in the set of the Pretender?
A: Regular shooting day is getting ready and sitting in your trailer. I sometimes feel like an astronaut waiting for liftoff.

Q: You are credited in many movies and TV shows, like “A Few Good Men”, “Volcano”, “The Invisible Man”, “CSI”, “Dexter” and so many others… from all of those, is there a character you cherish the most?
A: Whatever I have done I want to be the purest form of me that I can bring to the camera. You see all of my essence.

Q: Can you tell us more about “The Wexo-One Act’s”?
A: The "Wexo-One Acts" was a series of filmed play's that I did. I wrote, produced and starred in. I have not shown them to too many people.

Q: You’ve also done some plays in theater. As two different acting experiences (theater and TV) which one do you prefer?
A: I prefer the camera. Movies and being in them are my first love.

Q: Do you have any future projects you can share with us?
A: I am forming my own production company "WexoFilms". I want more control and have a specific point of view to the kinds of film's that I want to produce.

Q: Now that the Pretender is coming back again, are you excited to read the books and comics and, if chance happens, would you like to be in the Pretender again?
A: I think it's great what Steven and Craig are doing. They are so creative. I would be a part of "The Pretender" again. It was an extraordinary experience.

Alex Wexo: Thank you for asking and tell the fans thank you.
The Pretender Fans: Thank you for your kindness :)

November 3rd 2013
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